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Thank you for purchasing one of our products. We hope this information sheet will prove useful in the construction of one of our models.

Something different
If you are looking for something special, we also offer a custom design and laser cutting service. Please use our contact us form on our website for bespoke enquiries.

All our models are constructed using modified acrylic (Rowmark), acrylic (Perspex) and polystyrene plastics, MDF and/or plywood. We cut these materials on an industrial laser engraver/ cutter. The maximum we can cut is 600mm x 450mm sheet sizes (24 x 18 in old money). Not all sheet materials can be cut or engraved i.e. metals & PVC/ vinyl products. We cannot engrave or cut cylindrical items.

Modified acrylic plastics (Rowmark)
We use this material for most models. We use a white, black, red or grey as standard for both models and detailing parts.
This material can be glued using the likes of EMA Plastic Weld, Slaters Mek-Pak, Deluxe Plastic Magic and also superglue.
Before gluing or painting it is essential to rub down the material with a fine sandpaper such as wet and dry or steel wool. This will give the glue or paint a key to adhere to. Use a spray primer (such as Halfords) for best results before final colour. Use of acrylic paints is preferable.

Acrylic plastics (Perspex)
This material is used for glazing or for the carcase of models which also gives the model its form.
Slaters Mek Pak or Deluxe Plastic Magic can be used for gluing.
It is advised not to use Superglue on this material as it produces a white film on the surface.

MDF (Medite)
A laserable MDF material used for the carcase of larger models, baseboards construction, nameplates etc.
This material is best glued with a quality wood glue or No More Nails.

We use this material for smaller wooden products such as platform supports, light boxes and other ornamental products.
This material is best glued with a quality wood glue or No More Nails.

Styrene sheet (Slaters Plasticard)
We use this material for detailing and glazing where we are unable to get textures from the engraving process. This material is best cut by hand so final trimming will be required to fit.
Can be glued with EMA Plastic Weld, Slaters Mek-Pak, Deluxe Plastic Magic, superglue or Liquid Polystyrene cement.
Please note polystyrene cement will not stick modified acrylics.

Card is used for roofing sheets or similar.

Gluing dissimilar materials
Acrylic plastics can be glued to MDF or ply by using either Butanone (recommended), No More Nails, superglue or similar

Our products are laser cut wood and plastic model kits and as such are not toys. They are not suitable for children.
We have tried to design our products to be as easy to assemble as possible. However, our products will require the use of sharp cutting implements such as knives and saws etc, sanding equipment, glues and paints to complete.
Always wear suitable personal protection equipment (PPE) and avoid breathing in dust particles and fumes from any material, glues or paints whilst sanding, cutting, gluing or painting any of our products.

Always follow any health and safety advice given on product labels or available via product websites. Please enquire if you are not certain with regards using any of our materials or products.
Every care and precaution should be taken when assembling our products.
We will take no responsibility or liability for any injury or costs incurred howsoever caused whilst using our products.

Other products
We also manufacture signage, keyrings, labels, valve tags, badges. We also have an engraving facility. Please contact us for further details

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